Email Us. GXT is a Chinese brand of helmet and this is one of their best quality helmets. As it is a modular helmet it can be worn as a full face or 3/4 helmet and also comes with an inbuilt sunglasses. The quality of this helmet, especially the 2017 model, is much higher than most helmets that you will find in Vietnam hence it offer much better protection. Having the modular helmet is a great benefit both during the hot summer months when at times it will be either too hot or uncomfortable to wear a full face helmet and while driving in the city slowly and you can have better visibility.

GXT – Modular Helmet


Email Us. This is the mid price range full face helmet from IBK with a noticeable increase in quality from the basic model. As well as an increase in quality this helmet is also fitted with an internal sun visor. This helmet is one of the best helmets in terms of value for money.

IBK Basic Modular Helmet


Email Us. This is the better of the modular IBK helmets we offer. While the helmet comes with the same benefits of the cheaper modular IBK helmet such as the sun visor and the option to have the helmet open and closed thus offering either better visibility or better protection this helmet is built to a higher quality and feels stronger. Weight: 1000g

IBK Modular Helmet