Riding a motorbike can be an amazing experience when you are traveling in Vietnam but it does come with a lot of safety risks from roads and traffic system if you are not protected by anything except your gear. Safety First! Here, we offer you some most suitable wearings as below:

Email Us. Fox Racing Launch Protective Elbow Guard: Pair, Black, LG/XL MPN. The Fox arm and leg protection cover the from the elbows down to the wrists and the knees to the ankles. They are made from strengthened plastic which offers protection from a small crash at a small cost.



Email Us. PRO-BIKER 2PCS/SET Stainless Steel Protective Motorcycle Protective Gear Motorcycle Knee Pad Joint Lining Metal Buckle. They are made from a light weight metal to offer great strength without too much weight. One of the most common injuries to backpackers riding in Vietnam is to the knees and this protection will take the first hit for you.

Pro-Biker Arm and Leg Protection


Email Us. Effectively protect your body, Pro-Biker light weight motorbike jacket is light enough for the weather in Vietnam while still offering protection. It is made from a mesh like material that allows plenty of wind flow while the hardened plastic pads offer protection to the important areas. There are pads covering the shoulders, elbows, chest and most importantly there is a back spinal support.