Email Us. The 3/4 helmets are most basic helmets that we sell. They cover the ears and offer a basic amount of protection in the case of an accident but do lack a visor so ideally would be worn with a pair of sunglasses or goggles. They comes in a large variety of colours and designs.

3/4 Helmet Standard


Email Us. Helmet covers your ears and the visor protects your face and eyes from dusk or dirt etc coming off the road.

3/4 Visor Helmet Made in Vietnam


Email Us. ECE and DOT certified jet / open face helmet from Spanish brand MT Helmets From Spanish company MT Helmets this is a great open face helmet with an in-built sun visor. You can feel the level of protection from this helmet when you try it on. There is plenty of padding and protection inside to ensure your safety. This helmet is ideal for city riding, it is open face so easily storage and has the sun visor to protect against the sun. DOT and ECE standards In-built sun visor Sizes – XS – S – M – L Design – Matt Black

MT Le Mans SV – DOT and ECE Certified